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Some good points there and reflective of my own feeling of helplessness and uselessness during this ghastly time as a performer. Some have suggested to me “Hey Baz, why don’t you do a live performance and stream it?” They’ve been bewildered by my refusal. Thing is, for what we do, it’s all about interactivity. Put me in front of a live audience and… magic happens. That bond/conflict between performer and audience creates that special energy. I love to SEE and sense my audiences so I can gauge what they’re thinking and how they’re reacting so I can respond and adapt to it. So many magical moments have happened over my career thanks to that, so performing to a static camera in the privacy of my own home with no idea who’s actually watching? No thanks, that’s not what we’re about.

No energy, no vibe, no interactivity = no point. A calamitous time for performers and I fear it could be a very long time before we may be “permitted” to perform/work again in spite of the fact humanity is in desperate need of cheering up, and of each others company. Then people wonder why I’ve been grumpy and lost during this lockdown – it feels like I’ve had my life force and being taken away from me. No energy, no reason – lifelessness and stagnancy.

Melanie Whitehead

Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts Baz
There is so much untapped potential here – we can but hope that one day soon, we can once more tap back into that and also create some conditions for that to flourish and breathe new life back into all of us.
Hang on in there x

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