…Our Fabulous Community Advisory Group!

This amazing (unintentionally all-female) group have said “Yes, Let’s!” to our call-out for a diverse group to advise us on next operational steps…
We can’t wait to get going – thanks gals x

Ruth Collinge
Lives and works in Blackpool full-time as Operations Manager at Blackpool Fulfilling Lives, a Lottery funded project working with people with multiple disadvantage. Has taken part in different TESP activities, all of which have been both enormous fun and challenging; would very much like to share the benefits personally gained from involvement in these projects.
Becky Doran-Brown
Representing Revoe area and Revoe-lution in regards of how we can support each other, grow events and provision, support travel in Blackpool encouraging people from Revoe to access TESP projects as well as help the creative voices of our residents be heard and explored. Having worked along side TESP for many years, with projects we commissioned as well as grants given for TESP to run successful creative events, have seen the benefit and quality of the work provided and would appreciate it if it was to continue, and pick up momentum!
Julie Clarke
Has lived and worked as a hotelier in Blackpool for over thirty years, and represents the large number of small-scale accommodation providers present in the resort, also a single woman ‘of a certain age’, and an unpaid carer; all three of these groups could potentially participate in, and benefit from the sort of inclusive hub for creative activities that TESP hopes to provide.
Clare Warriner
Employed by Blackpool Council as a therapeutic practitioner; have spent twenty years working with adults in a range of community settings who have complex needs and complex lives. To actively work with individuals who feel the creative arts have nothing to offer them; to develop positive and constructive partnerships with organisations and services to work more collaboratively and creatively on projects. Having worked with TESP, have seen the difference that using a therapeutic creative approach can make, not only to the way people see themselves and others but in the way they themselves are then seen within the wider community.
Tina Dempsey
A contemporary visual artist based in Blackpool whose practice explores joy and sorrow, how we can harness the positive and combat the negative. Engaging with a diverse range of groups to develop collaborations and equip participants with creative skills so that they can develop their work independently which currently includes a group of adults in Blackpool with learning disabilities.
Aishley Docherty
Representing dance and creative movement community, hope to be able to help engage in programming at the new venue, to connect professionals from the dance community, to develop relationships between Artists and the space and more work will develop from this. Blackpool is in need of an exciting, alternative, creative space with the community at its heart; it will create new performance capabilities & residency opportunities; something not on offer elsewhere in Blackpool.
Rachael Slater
Dedicated and passionate young peoples practitioner with over 20 years of experience working with young people in a broad spectrum of roles, within an education, youth and community development environment. Came out of teaching to lead direct delivery of the NCS programme across the Fylde Coast with a particular passion for working with YP considered hard to reach/difficult to engage.
Helena Ascough
Have been with the Electric Sunshine Project since I was 17, as a result now work as a freelance artist and am passionate about making theatre accessible. A theatre degree student at UCLAN, previously studied and worked in Blackpool. I represent disabled people, (specifically the visually impaired, a strong understanding of what is and isn’t visually accessible) students and young people.
Sarah Harris

LeftCoast was created to be part of a national network of Creative People and Places programmes (CPP). Consequently, taking research-based, socially-engaged approach to working with people by introducing artists/creatives into communities. In role as Creative Community Activist for LeftCoast, time connecting with residents within Blackpool communities and developing work in response to these conversations and interactions, providing platforms for individuals and groups to share and celebrate their stories.

Ruth E Cockburn
Originally from Blackpool, and inspired by sense of place, has created touring theatre shows and performance pieces for many years. Studied at Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre and currently on the auditions board and guest lecturing staff there, also a comedian, gigging every weekend in comedy clubs across UK and Europe. Has also written on a number of projects from live performance, TV, radio, theatre commissions and corporate work.